Grateful to be Their Dad This Father’s Day

Herren Project helped my family get their dad back. Don’t get me wrong; we still have peaks and valleys, but that doesn’t make us unique. That’s everyone. THP helped me get the tools to deal with reality on reality’s terms. I’m grateful for that.

I tried to deny and deny I had an issue with alcohol. Alcohol’s legal, it’s easy to think that at least I’m not that bad. Eventually, you’re presented with something you’ve said, or done, or how incompetent you’ve become as a husband or dad, or worker. You know what’s going on privately, but you’re too ashamed or worried to reach out to anyone. So you do nothing, but things keep spiraling downward.

On December 27, 2016, I knew a change in my life was needed. With the help of The Herren Project, I found and entered a recovery program in West Palm Beach, Florida. I needed to restart. Mostly, I needed the humility to accept that my way wasn’t working. The way I’d chosen to deal with stress and anxiety, the kind everyone goes through at different points of their lives, wasn’t working. It was doing more damage, making me more irrational.

Today I work for, an amateur wrestling media site that covers high school, college, and international wrestling. I love it, and I’m able to do it because my mind is clear. My family is healing and I am able to share their moments with them as they grow and pursue their paths. That’s part of the gift of recovery.

In May I wrote a piece about another one of my journeys as a coach and a parent. It’s a message all parents of athletes should take to heart, as I myself should have sooner.  I’d become one of “Those Dads,” and if you read the piece, you’ll see this wasn’t a good thing, but am grateful to share this story. I am most grateful, however, to be my wife’s husband and my children’s father this Father’s Day.

by Nick Corey

In honor of Father’s Day, we are grateful to share an article written by a member of the THP Family, Nick Corey. It is a powerful reminder of the letting our children find their passion, fulfilling their own dreams and making their own impact on this world. Nick’s story is also a reminder of the power of recovery.