Corporate Recovery & Wellness Program

An Innovative Approach to Addiction Recovery and Wellness Resources for the Workplace

Access to Services

Dedicated services to your employees and family members.

We provide access to a continuum of care model built on the foundation of community as the key element to maintaining long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol through connection to appropriate resources when they are needed.

Dedicated Help Line

Employees and their families can call or text 7 days a week.
Mon -Fri: 9am – 9pm.
Sat & Sun: 8am – 12pm.

Call or Text: 866-HERREN9 or (866) 437-7369

Treatment Placement Assistance

Herren Project will provide guidance and referrals to find the best possible treatment available for you or a loved one using vetted treatment providers helping to minimize the stress of seeking help.

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Phone Consultations

Family members can sign up for 15-minute consultations Monday to Friday with licensed social workers specializing in substance use and co-existing disorders.

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Support Groups

Support Groups led by licensed clinicians for families affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. Designed to support and educate individuals on how better to cope and live with someone with a substance use disorder.

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Recovery Meetings

Recovery meetings are held nightly at 7:30pm for anyone in recovery seeking peer-to-peer encouragement and support for addiction.

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Meeting ID: 581 471 639

Educational Webinars

Herren Project offers a library of educational webinars geared toward family members living with a loved one’s addiction. Webinars are focused on specific topics like setting boundaries, understanding codependency and creating healthier relationships.

Watch our pre-recorded webinars here.

Prevention Resources

Herren Project offers age-appropriate, prevention-related discussion guides on how to talk to children about substances for educators and parents.

Download the discussion guides listed below.

Active Engagement Opportunities

Run, fundraise and raise awareness about the disease of addiction. Impactful employee engagement with a focus on fitness, team building, leadership, awareness and connection to an important cause.

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Dedicated Help Line & Support

Employees and their family members have access to a dedicated support phone and text line.

Call or Text:
866-HERREN9 or (866) 437-7369


Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00am – 12:00pm

Inquiry Form:
Outside of normal business hours, please fill out the inquiry form to receive a call back within 24 hours.

If you require immediate medical attention, please call 911 or proceed to your local hospital emergency room.

* All communication between client and clinician is 100% confidential.

Support Groups

Herren Project hosts live online support groups for families and loved ones affected by drug or alcohol addiction. Support groups meet weekly in an online video classroom and are offered free of charge. All you need is a computer or phone to join. All groups are led by licensed clinicians who are able to offer clinical insight. They combine support and education to provide a well-rounded perspective on how to cope with their loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction or the loss of their love one.

Herren Project’s addiction grief support group is for individuals grieving from losing a loved one to drug addiction, alcoholism, or a drug overdose. The grief addiction support group provides a safe place to share experiences about the impact of losing someone to an overdose death or drug and alcohol-related death. People typically find solitude and benefit from receiving support from peers who share similar experiences.


Family addiction support groups are for individuals who have a family member or significant other struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is a “family disease.” An addicted person not only negatively impacts their own life but also those around them. Families of addicts struggle to cope with their loved ones’ addictive choices and find themselves struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and anger.


A parent’s natural response is to protect their children from harm. When a parent is trying to manage a child’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, that becomes extremely difficult and emotional. Acting out of love, parents of addicted children often find themselves unintentionally enabling their child’s addictive behavior. We offer two age-related online parent support groups: Parents of Adolescents – (under age 21) and Parents of Adult Children (21 and over).


Finding yourself in a relationship with a significant other who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to substantial emotional stress and sometimes abuse within the relationship. As the trust is broken, many men and women find themselves alone when navigating addiction issues in a relationship or marriage. Often this leads to enabling their partner instead of helping them to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.


Herren Project’s Sibling support groups are designed to address a sibling’s unique dynamic with an addicted family member. Addiction is a “family disease,” and being the brother or sister of someone suffering from substance use disorder is a challenging situation. An addicted person not only negatively impacts their own life but also those around them. Siblings may feel overlooked or neglected by parents, who are constantly attending to the addicted family member. Many also develop an overwhelming desire to save their sibling from the addiction.


Discussion Guides

How to Talk to Children About Substances

It is more important than ever to talk about substance use with our children. Oftentimes parents put off the topic of discussion until after their child is of high school age. While it is still beneficial to discuss substance use with teenage children, it is often too late.

Click to download these age-appropriate discussion guides, created by licensed clinicians, for ways to open up the conversation and discuss substance use.

What to Expect

Once you reach out, a member of Herren Project’s recovery team will contact you shortly to support you on your recovery journey.

“It’s all about meeting people where they are at. Empowering them and giving them hope. Creating an opportunity for people to see the light, to see possibility.” – Chris Herren

“It’s all about meeting people where they are at. Empowering them and giving them hope. Creating an opportunity for people to see the light, to see possibility.” – Chris Herren