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Webinar with Kristin Young

EVENT: Your Brain on Pot: Today’s Marijuana and the Teen Brain Webinar

DATE: October 30, 2023


TIME: 3:30pm ET

Event Details:

In this webinar, Kristin Young, MSW LICSW, Clinical Director of Herren Project, will provide information on how marijuana has changed over the last few decades and how these changes affect those who use it. Marijuana has become legal in many states and has also significantly increased in strength, which has led to conflicting information on safety and much confusion. This webinar will provide the facts about marijuana, it’s different forms, and what is known about its effects on the teenage brain. This webinar is being offered in support of Red Ribbon Week, the nation’s largest and longest-running drug-use prevention campaign. Register below and mark your calendars to tune in for this important conversation.

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