Ginger Stephens

Ginger Stephens, from Nacogdoches, Texas, has dedicated much of her time and energy to support the work of Herren Project over the years. She and her husband, Brent, have participated in several races with us, raising thousands in funding, not only via fundraising but also personally donating, to help others along the way. Ginger also serves as a Herren Project support group facilitator, official Ambassador, and member of Team Herren Project’s Team 24.

Ginger’s extraordinary efforts most recently were displayed at the wonderful Nacogdoches Half Marathon, held April 1, earlier this month. This excellent community-building event, part of the NAC Series, was put on by PTW (Push to Win) Running Co., and sponsored by Ginger’s business, Whole Again Counseling + Wellness, and Brent’s practice, Nacogdoches Dental. Thanks to the generosity and trust of PTW, they presented Ginger with a check for $10,000, to support Herren Project’s sober living and recovery coaching services. PTW’s Juan Pineda and Willie James are both heading to run the 127th Boston Marathon this weekend!

Ginger had planned to run the Half Marathon as well but ended up volunteering the entire day. She shared,

Sometimes you can’t sleep the night before a race, and you get up and decide to volunteer instead…and figure out it was right where you were supposed to be all along!”

Ginger certainly belongs with Herren Project, and we’re so grateful she chooses us, over and over again!

Ginger and Brent Stephens Whole Again Counseling Wellness