Project Description

Running Boston Marathon 2020 to bring awareness to substance use disorderTo say that I am excited to be running the Boston Marathon and that I am proud to be doing so for the Herren Project would be drastic understatements. I believe that two of the strongest motivating factors in life are community building and personal fulfillment. While both of these may be seen as broad concepts rather than specific actions, the experience of running for Herren Project is a perfect example as to how these are both being put into action. A community is only at its strongest if all of its members are performing at their highest capacity.

Herren Project has done so much work in helping people get back to performing at their highest capacity through substance abuse intervention and using Chris’s story to prevent people from veering off track. I am so proud to help be a part of the work that Herren organizations are doing.

Athletics have always been a huge part of my life. As a long-time competitive swimmer, running has never been a huge part of my life until now. I made completing the marathon a personal goal of mine a couple of years ago because I knew that it would take me out of my comfort zone and force me to do something that my body or mind were not used to doing. To know that the funds I am raising will help other members of our community reach their full potential brings a whole other aspect to the “personal fulfillment” portion of this journey!

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