Cailin O'Dwyer

Cailin O’Dwyer

I am from Boston, Massachusetts, and I am a registered nurse specializing in pediatrics. I just recently this year transitioned from an inpatient pediatric surgical unit to becoming an elementary school nurse.

Why I choose to run NYC with the Herren Project: I will be running this race in honor of all of the friends and loved ones that I know who are fighting for and living in recovery, as well as a tribute to those close to me who have lost their battles with addiction. I also think of those family members whose lives are forever changed each and every time that my feet hit the pavement. My hope is that at least one person is positively affected by the funds that I raise during this marathon. I searched far and wide for a foundation that helps those with addiction and in recovery to run for, as I will be taking a break from races for some time after this. I wanted my last race and fundraising goal to make an impact on this community and to help change the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery.

For fun, I love being outdoors with my three daughters, Kennedy, Claire & Delia. I love going to a steak dinner with my husband. Any time that I can be surrounded by family and friends is the most fun for me. I love to play sports and have always loved healthy competition.

I am most proud of my ability to bring people together to fundraise for foundations that are near and dear to my heart. I’m proud that I continue to put myself out there as a busy mother of 3 daughters to do this work. I am proud to include my daughters in the running and fundraising, and I hope that they will continue to work hard for themselves and others as they grow up.

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