Project Description

Cherly Chiodi

Cheryl Chiodi

From: Bridgewater, MA

What I do for a living: Marketing

Why I choose to run Boston with Herren Project:
I’m running because I’ve never experienced anything that allows me to push myself like running does. I have the constant voice in my head that tries to lie to me and tell me “I can’t” – and then, I do it. I’m running Boston with Herren Project because I believe, with every fiber of my being, in the work that Herren Project does. I know there is hope for those afflicted with addiction and I need to know that my niece didn’t die in vain, that her story can live on to help countless others who may believe “they can’t”.

What I do for fun (besides running and helping others!):
Motorcycle riding

What I’m most proud of:
My sons. The two most incredible young men on the planet. They have endured extraordinary obstacles and have persevered and shown me the true meaning of love and resilience.