Deborah Lathrop

Deborah Lathrop

I currently work in the food and drink industry (bartending). I am enrolled in school working towards an associate’s degree to become a radiological technologist and simultaneously raising two teenagers to be the best they can be.

Herren Project found me, and they didn’t know it. I learned about them when my daughter came home from school and shared Chris Herren’s story. Our family suffered the loss of my boyfriend Phil to substance abuse disorder. He was a wonderful man and had a special impact on everyone he met. Finding this nonprofit organization has helped us heal a bit. Knowing that there are families out there that can relate to our experience and we can speak openly with no judgement has been refreshing. Bringing awareness to others is important and running with Herren Project is a privilege.

In my free time, I enjoy running, hiking, and visiting family. Music makes my heart beat so if I do not have headphones in, there is a speaker nearby.

I am so proud of the awareness I have brought to many who have not heard of this organization and my children for their continuous encouragement.

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