Project Description

Running to bring awareness to substance use disorderRunning has been a favorite activity for Holly for about 10 years and for Tracy now almost 40 years! Tracy started running indoor track in high school because word on the street was that no one got cut from the team and she just wanted her varsity letter! Holly started after having twins. It was the easiest way to workout with having kids…have stroller-will run, lol! And now with this activity in common, the two sisters-in-law started enjoying more time together running, talking about new motherhood, fun family times and getting fit. Until the unthinkable happened, with the unexpected death of Matt & Tracy’s dad triggered a reaction that no one expected. Matt, the husband and brother, found himself in the throes of addiction.

Watching Matt struggle to overcome his addiction, working to find him help and ultimately losing him to this disease was the hardest thing our family has ever experienced. However, if there is a silver lining, connecting with Herren Project is it. Herren Project provided and continues to provide our family with an outlet for our grief and healing for our hearts. By continuing to run, not for ourselves anymore, but for others, we know that we are helping to be a part of the solution to break the stigmas associated with mental illness and substance use disorder. Tracy and Holly ran their first marathon in 2015, just three months after losing Matt for Herren Project and have continued to run in support of this organization that has now become family.

When you lose someone you love, you don’t ever want to forget them. Our biggest fear is that someone won’t remember Matt, his strengths and why he was so special to our family. He deserves more than that! Running the Boston Marathon together and continuing to be a voice that spreads the message, “you are not alone, addiction is a family disease and recovery is a together thing” is the best way we can think of to remember and honor Matt.

Donate toward Holly & Tracy’s Boston Marathon 2020 campaign