Project Description

Julia Broccoli

Julia Broccoli

From: Brighton, MA

What I do for a living: I work at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in their Neuro-Oncology department, and I am a graduate student at Boston University earning my MPH .

Why I choose to run Boston with Herren Project:
I chose to run with the Herren Project to honor my Father who I lost in 2015. I wanted to help end the stigma surrounding addiction and substance use to help others struggling know they are not alone and there are resources available.

What I do for fun (besides running and helping others!):
I love to hang out with my family and friends! Hiking and exploring new places are the best.

What I’m most proud of:
I am most proud to be running the Boston Marathon this year to honor my amazing Father and to be the daughter, granddaughter, sister, and aunt of the most amazing humans.