Project Description

Herren Project Charity Running Event Ever since Kelsey was a little girl, she watched the Boston Marathon on TV and always thought “wow, that would be so cool to run in it!” Determined to qualify in 2017, she missed the mark in time for the Boston Marathon by only two minutes. 

After a series of dark life events in 2018, Kelsey’s life drastically changed. She felt like a failure as a daughter, a friend, and a human being. At 25 years old, after hitting rock bottom, she decided to reach out for help. 

Since then, Kelsey decided to apply for a charity to run the Boston Marathon, but she wanted it to be meaningful, something she could relate to in her heart and soul. That’s when she saw the Herren Project page. “There are so many families out there that are affected by addiction. I’d like to have a part in helping people get the resources they need to recover. It’s an absolute privilege to be selected to represent the Herren Project this April. I will be thinking of all those we can help every step of the way.”

Donate toward Kelsey’s Boston Marathon 2020 campaign