Project Description

Herren Project Charity EventI‘m a 22 year old from Wells, Maine, and I am so proud to be a member of Herren Project’s 2020 Boston Marathon team! I was inspired to join the Herren Project team because of my love for running and my passion for mental health advocacy.

I recently graduated from Colby College, and throughout my 4 years there, I picked up distance running as a hobby and also became highly involved in working to destigmatize mental health on campus. As a member of student government and as president of a club called Active Minds, I worked to advocate for better mental health education and support on campus. As part of those efforts, my peers and I were lucky enough to bring Chris Herren, founder of Herren Project, to speak on his experience with substance use and mental health more broadly. Chris was hugely impactful and a great inspiration to me and the Colby community more broadly.

Soon after Chris spoke on campus, I graduated and began to seek out ways to continue being involved in mental health and substance use advocacy. I realized that running the Boston Marathon for Herren Project would be an incredibly unique way to continue pursuing both my love for running and my passion for mental health and substance use advocacy. I feel so honored to be a part of Team Herren Project. It’s amazing to see what this group has already achieved, and I can’t wait for April!  

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