Project Description

Meg Navatto

Meg Navatto

From: Oceanside, NY

What I do for a living: Cell Genetic Technologist

Why I choose to run Boston with Herren Project:
The Herren Project has been a special part of my life for 6 years now and I am proud to be an ambassador also. I have seen the difference it has made in people’s life. I know firsthand what it is like to love someone in and out of recovery and want to help in any way possible.

What I do for fun (besides running and helping others!):
BESIDES RUNNING!!! I enjoy spending time with my adventure buddy and husband, Pete. And I love being a kitty mom to Lollipop and Penelope.

What I’m most proud of:
That the amazing life I have, I built with Pete through all the chaos life may bring. We have an awesome time together no matter what.