Running Boston Marathon 2020 to bring awareness to substance use disorderI have had the fortune of knowing Chris for almost 40 years. He is like a brother to me. I have closely witnessed his success, struggle and happiness through recovery.

I know no one more courageous, humble and grateful than Chris. He serves our kids through a deep commitment to educate and to have the confidence to believe all kids are good enough just the way they are. He serves individuals and families looking to pave a new path to health through recovery and believe we can all move forward from our past.

Chris and the team at Herren Project deliver miracles every day. They have helped many people close to me find a path to health through recovery. I am forever in amazement and grateful for the gifts they have given people to live and succeed.

I am proud to wear the Herren Project logo and help create more opportunity to make change for all in need.

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