Project Description

Sannaa Souri

Sanna Souri

From: Winthrop, MA

What I do for a living: Account Manager

Why I choose to run Boston with Herren Project:
I choose to run for Herren Project because I believe in its mission and commit to a safer future for the next generation. I failed numerous relationships with family and friends due to addiction. Looking back, I wish I gave them a second chance or discovered ways to help. I uncovered more about the disease of substance abuse, and this is my way of saying sorry for not accepting or understanding what you are going through. It’s time to change the stigma surrounding addiction, and I pray for strength to continue helping and raising awareness with Herren Project following the Marathon.

What I do for fun (besides running and helping others!):

What I’m most proud of:
I was able to achieve a great career while completing my education and starting a family.