Project Description

Susannah Ford

Susannah Ford

From: Somerville, MA

What I do for a living: Human Resources for Crabtree & Evelyn

Why I choose to run Boston with Herren Project:
My cousin Jake Senst died of an opioid overdose at age 20 in 2018. I wanted to find a way to compete in an event and honor Jake’s memory. There is still such a stigma attached to abuse and addiction that it was difficult to find an organization that felt true to heart to honor Jake – I was thrilled to learn about Herren Project as it’s education and resources and mission align with doing everything to support, recover, and prevent what happened to my cousin, and is so in line with what my aunt and uncle, Jake’s parents are working on in their town of Philadelphia. I am so grateful to run with the Herren Project, raising funds for an amazing organization, and will have Jake in my step for all of the training and 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston!

What I do for fun (besides running and helping others!):
Doing and teaching yoga, painting, and other sports like skiing and triathlons!

What I’m most proud of:
Hopefully raising $10k+ and running the Boston Marathon for Herren Project in 2021!