The After-Prom and Graduation Grant was launched in 2015 to promote safe and substance-free after prom parties and events. The grant is open to high schools annually who host a prom or an after prom party promoting substance-free fun.  Thank you to all the schools who submitted applications!

$2,000 Grant Award – Ocean City High School, Ocean City, NJ

Light Up the Night! This year the annual Ocean City High School After Prom theme will embrace the truth of how special this night truly is. A night of good friends, good food, and good fun….lighting up the night together in a safe haven that promotes creating fabulous memories together- free of drugs and alcohol. Throughout the night, hundreds of parent and community volunteers will celebrate our students as they Light Up the Night, having made the decision to stay sober and attend this all night party. This night celebrates the good decision to choose what it best, in hopes the message of celebrating life without the need for drugs and alcohol lasts longer than Prom Night.

$1,000 Grant Award – Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, IA

Mount Vernon High School’s Post Prom is a true success story. It began after concerned mothers came together in 1985 to develop a program for drug use prevention. The founders worked to convince administrators of the need for such programming and created Community Action for Youth, which continues each year through the work of parents who organize Post Prom. With 95% of juniors and seniors attending, Post Prom has a strong reputation as a fun substance-free celebration. The overnight event features prizes for everyone, a hypnotist, a variety of games and contests, a video booth, and refreshments.

$500 Grant Award – Bishop Stang High School, Dartmouth, MA

Marking the fifteenth year of the Bishop Stang After Prom, the event began when a group of concerned students expressed the desire to celebrate with their friends in a safe environment. Over the years, the evening has flourished into a memorable event that now has approximately 96% of the senior class in attendance. The evening is full of singing, dancing, eating, activities, and loads of fun. The school is decorated and transformed for the night. The entire night is funded by the dedicated families and friends of the students with the help of local organizations.