Herren Project is proud to announce the 2017 Winners!

The After-Prom and Graduation Grant was launched in 2014 to promote safe and substance-free after prom parties and events. The grant is open to high schools annually who host a prom or an after prom party promoting substance-free fun.

The grant applications were submitted to a team of seven Herren Project committee members for review with the names of the schools and organizations excluded from each application to ensure fairness within the selection process. Thank you to all the schools who submitted applications for the 2017 grant, it is inspiring to see so many groups of dedicated volunteers working together to ensure a safe and memorable prom for high school students nationwide. The selected schools will be notified by e-mail regarding their grant award and next steps.

$2,000 Grant Award – Howland High School, Howland, OH

As with many communities, we have had an unprecedented number of heroin overdoses and have made it our mission to educate our students and community on the importance of remaining substance free through various programs and assemblies. In keeping with our mission, we have decided to offer a post prom party for our junior and senior students and their dates.

Holding a post prom party is a new endeavor for HHS. We are literally starting from scratch. We want our students to realize that it’s possible to party without drugs or alcohol. For the first time in school history, we want to provide a supervised, safe, drug and alcohol free alternative for our students. Since this is a new venture, and our time to plan is somewhat limited, we have decided to hold our post prom at an indoor/outdoor amusement venue that specializes in this type of event. Students will have access to laser tag, go-karts, roller skating, mini golf, bumper cars, arcade games, bowling, euro bungee, batting cages, laser room, human hamster balls, rock wall climbing and extreme looping bikes and unlimited beverages.

Our end goal is for students to be safe, and to end the night happy that they chose our post prom party! Our superintendent and principal are extremely excited and are hoping for this to become an annual event. Our committee couldn’t agree more! The unfortunate part of the process of planning this new venture is those who don’t think we will be able to pull it off. Because it has never been done before, they feel we won’t raise enough money to make it worth it for our students. The fortunate part of the process is that we have extremely driven, passionate and devoted committee members who will do anything it takes to offer this event so that we can rest easy knowing our students are safe, off the streets, and in a drug free/alcohol free environment

$1,000 Grant Award – Union County High School, Liberty, IND

In our small high school (400 students), a volunteer committee of junior student parents are responsible for after-prom. We are the typical two-stop light town in a rural farming community. Both our prom and after-prom take place on school property because there are no locations in our county. The closest city is 1.5 hours away while the closest town is 25 minutes away. We will be hosting a Casino Night titled “Don’t Gamble With Your Life–Be Drug-Free” for 150-175 students from 11:30pm – 2:30 am. We are working with the UC Drug-Free program (police and local leaders in our town) to assist with getting the message across to our students during After-Prom.

We are a close-knit community and alcohol and drug-abuse have touched us all. Our hope as a group of parents is to provide our prom-goers a safe, fun, and educational alternative.

$500 Grant Award – Fairmont High School, Fairmont, MN

Each year, our parent volunteer committee, along with area businesses and residents provide a safe, substance -free environment for teens in the area. The event begins at 12:30am until 4:00am. The event is held at our local fair arena and usually consists of 200-225 teen participants and encompasses the efforts of around 30-40 volunteers. We provide a themed event with music, entertainment, games, prizes, food, and more.

As parents and volunteers, we are determined to keep these teens safe, and over the past 30 years, we will never know how many lives we have potentially saved. The students see this is as safe environment and view it as a fun place to go after prom. They do not see it as an effort to prevent substance abuse, although we know better. This year, we have hired a comedian/magician entertainer and will again provide inflatable games, music, food and prizes.