Carter Riordan 

Carter Riordan

Wake Monarch Academy

Nominated by Ian McLean

Award: $500

Meet the 2023 Spirit of Purple Winner!

Carter is a student at Wake Monarch Academy. Wake Monarch is a high school for students in recovery from substance abuse. Carter is a student who battles substance for years and continues to do so. He will have one year of continuous sobriety from any and all substances in March of 2023. Since he began the path of sobriety, Carter has began working, caught up on his academics, repaired relationships with family, repaired happiness, etc. Now that he has been sober for nearly a year, he wants to pursue a career in substance use treatment/social work.

His goal is to help other people rise out of addiction like he did. He is currently a senior and plans to pursue a recovery coach training certificate in addition to beginning community college. I spoke with Carter and if he wins the award, he would like to use the money to pay for his recovery coach certificate and peer support specialist certificate. I believe he is a great candidate and a great guy who will go far in helping others in addiction.

Congratulations Carter!