Herren Project’s Legacy

by Teresa Cobleigh

The year 2021 is an important ten-year milestone marker for Herren Project. It marks the transition from a grassroots organization to standing on the precipice of great possibilities. For our organization, 2021 is a year of coming out, a time of reflection, and also one that looks ahead and asks, what do we stand for? And who do we want to be? We are like a 10-year old ready to give up the training wheels and truly ride.

2020 was a year of reflection and a staff “vision quest.” We asked ourselves provocative questions and pondered questions of impact: How can we help more people find lasting recovery? How can we inspire the next generation? How do we help each other cope in this modern world?

We at Herren Project cannot rest comfortably as the little non-profit that could. We are faced with the urgency of an epidemic. Lives are at stake, and we can help. Now more than ever, we must rise to the challenge. We are gearing up for growth because the world needs us. We have been on the frontlines and in the trenches for ten years now, and we know what we are capable of. We are more than a mere non-profit of 16 full-time employees. We are a network of ambassadors and enthusiasts, hope bearers, and game-changers. We are pursuing evidence-informed strategies, and we are capable of changing outcomes. We work together, serving as a catalyst, convener, connector, a vital and supportive community, and conscience for humanity. We are 23,000 strong, with passionate donors in our ranks willing to answer the call in times of need.

Corporate Recovery and Wellness Program

We have been busy seeking new strategies to maximize impact for those touched by addiction. Engaging community organizations, employers, and private foundations in strategies for collective impact are vital. Herren Project launched an innovative corporate partnership program in November 2019 with Commodore Builders. Due to its success, Herren Project hopes to convene other private companies wanting to provide quality resources for their employees and families while engaging in social responsibility. Our objective is to create collaborative partnerships and bring the muscle of the private sector into addressing a societal problem that costs employers an average of $81 billion annually. Over 70% of those struggling with substance use hold jobs, making sense to meet them at their workplace. We are looking for leaders to model responsible corporate citizenship and fuel our mission to support, inspire and empower those affected by substance use disorder. Learn more about our Corporate Partners Program.

Herren Project Fund

We are pleased to announce the opportunity to join our Legacy Society. With the help of a few transformational donors and board support, we’ve committed funds to start an endowment, Herren Project Fund, that will sustain the organization for years to come. Our relationship with Rhode Island Foundation provides sustainability for the future and brings efficiencies and valuable expertise in planned giving. Donors may now name planned gifts to our Herren Project Fund at Rhode Island Foundation to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Learn more about planned giving opportunities to create a legacy that will save lives.

What Will the Legacy of Herren Project be?

You might ask, “What is the legacy we would leave?” Our vision and values play such an essential part in answering that question. Martin Luther King had a dream, and so do we: Our vision is a world where families thrive, children grow, and people in the community help one another. Our values are rooted in basic respect for human dignity, regardless of race, financial means, or where you might come from. We like to say the h is the Herren Project logo stands for healing and hope, and asking, “how can I help?” This mindset brings forth the best in our humanity.

There is power in inspiring hearts and minds to effect change. In bringing forth our values, there is also great hope. Chris Herren’s example of paying forward what he graciously received illustrates the powerful ripple effect that one person can have when they help another. Herren Project is about bringing these values into service.

Addiction is a perfect battleground for humanity. No segment of us escapes it. It is a disease that does not discriminate; it takes us from high and low places, robs us of our young, creeps up when we are unguarded. It preys on our vulnerability and threatens our lives, our families, and the fabric of our communities. It’s a disease rooted in social causes, like isolation, marginalization, and trauma. The antidote means integrating the individual factors with social connection. Addiction is our milieu, one in which we are called to demonstrate love for our neighbor.

Herren Project is also about bringing values into service. Our dream is a world where families thrive, children grow, and people in the community help one another.

Our message is hope: love one another, and the world will be a better place. And leaving a legacy of love is what dreams are made of.

Learn more about Herren Project’s positive impact on the disease of addiction through its free treatment, recovery, and prevention services. Donate today and join the legacy of love to celebrate 10 years.