A Powerful Example of Recovery For Others

adam herren project addiction recovery story

Adam was no stranger to the devastating effects addiction can inflict on oneself and their family when he first reached out to Herren Project. Following major back surgery as well as a series of other painful life events, Adam’s 11-year battle with substance use disorder began at the age of 19. Spending countless years in and out of detox facilities, nothing seemed to work. His family grew increasingly frustrated with his behavior and couldn’t take the pain of watching him destroy himself anymore. They began to vocalize their frustrations and back away from him, resorting to the only thing they knew left to do; the tough love approach. Adam suddenly found himself within a perfect storm and knew he needed to stop or he would lose everything and everyone. Consequently, it was his family’s actions and their tough love that led Adam back into detox, the first step in his current recovery journey.

After a six-month stay in a therapeutic community, Adam knew going back to his old life would be detrimental to his sobriety. It was then that a friend recommended Herren Project. With no financial means, Adam reached out to Herren Project looking for help to find and pay for a sober living house. Not only did Herren Project find Adam a safe place to live but he was also awarded a recovery scholarship.

Thanks to Herren Project’s recovery scholarship program, Adam was able to get his footing, implement what he learned in treatment and continue to build on his sobriety in a healthy, structured living environment. He was able to find work and save up money to be able to eventually pay his own rent. Additionally, Adam was provided a recovery coach who helped guide and support him on his journey, making sure Adam had a strong support network in place to strengthen his recovery while also helping him to rebuild trust and healing with his family. Adam attributes a great deal of his success to his coach and is grateful for his support.

Today, Adam is actively involved in the lives of his family and friends and is a productive member of society. Adam has integrated the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous into his daily life and has made it a personal goal to help others who struggle with substance use disorder. He is an active member of Herren Project’s alumni group and attends many events and meetings being a powerful example of recovery for others. Finding work in the recovery field, Adam currently manages a recovery home. Adam celebrated one year of sobriety on March 30, 2019.

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