Alan’s Story

My hope and intention is that by writing this, I’m able to reach out and help someone who is still suffering from substance use disorder. Last summer, in June 2017, my marriage, career, health, self-esteem, and life in general was in shambles. I was a full blown heroin addict. I had a beautiful wife, three amazing kids, a nice home, and in spite of my wonderful circumstances, I was on the verge of death. I was overdosing, crashing cars, and was arrested 3 times in a matter of a couple months. I had no idea what to do, and had almost resigned to the fact that my life was coming to an end.

As fate would have it, my wife Mary heard Chris Herren speak at the school where she works, and she reached out for help. Within just a few hours, Herren Project was working it’s magic to get me admitted into a medical detox facility. I hadn’t the slightest idea why Herren Project cared and wanted to help me so much, but they seemed really sincere. So off I went. My journey to a new life began that day when I decided to truly accept help from Herren Project. Enough was enough. I didn’t even know what recovery was, but I did know I didn’t want my kids growing up without a father, and leave my wife a widow. I stayed in treatment for two months thanks to Herren Project’s recovery scholarship. A year and a half later, I believe now more than ever that these two months changed the course of my life. I heard while I was in treatment that if I put anything in front of my recovery, I should be prepared to lose it. I held onto that. It wasn’t easy. I am far from a shining example of how and why recovery works. But I never used. No matter what.

Being involved in the recovery community, volunteering for church, staying active as a Herren Project Alumni, and developing a new career as a Recovery Coach has made all the difference. Thank you to Herren Project for stepping into my life and allowing me to have a chance at becoming something I never dreamed was possible. Myself.

Alan C.
North Dighton, MA


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