A Family Intervention Saved Andrew’s Life

Andrew’s experimentation with drugs and alcohol from an early age set the course for a life bound to self-destructive for years to come. By his early 20s, Andrew’s alcohol and drug use was tearing his life apart – a life in which he felt lost and alone, constantly at odds with the law and his family. Having been in and out of court mandated and state-run treatment programs, nothing seemed to work for Andrew. He admits, part of his inability to make the necessary changes to lead a substance-free life was his lack of desire to change, as if he had come to accept that the cycle of drugs, alcohol, and being in trouble with the law were a part of his identity.

Hope came in the form of a family intervention, after Andrew’s uncle, a high school principal, heard Chris Herren speak at his school. Andrew’s family got together, along with his uncle, where they decided to reach out to Herren Project to get Andrew the help he desperately needed. Herren Project formulated a treatment option that would allow Andrew to go to a rehabilitation center in Florida. Tired, scared, apprehensive, and by his own account, “dying before [his] family’s eyes,” a moment of clarity helped Andrew realize this was an opportunity he needed to accept in order to live.

After Andrew’s initial treatment stay, Herren Project provided him with a recovery scholarship to help him transition back into society without the immediate burden of paying rent. Since 2011, Herren Project recovery scholarships have helped 462 people in early recovery get back on their feet while allowing them the ability to focus on the necessary work, such as AA meetings, sponsorship, and step work, that is crucial upon exiting treatment.

Today, Andrew is a Herren Project recovery coach and now helps others on their own journey of recovery. As a Herren Project alumnus, Andrew’s experience offers unique insight as he shares what he has learned with others, helping those who desperately need the same support that saved his own life.

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