The Power of Brandi Williams

For all involved with Herren Project, both as an organization and a community, there comes a great sense of pride knowing that our work is the culmination of countless individuals who share a common experience and goal. What was once just an idea, born from the depths of one man’s disastrous struggle with addiction, came his desire to provide effective prevention, treatment, recovery, and support services to anyone who needed it — regardless of age, gender, race, or financial means. Herren Project is a nonprofit organization fueled by a nationwide community. It is strengthened by the passion-led efforts of individuals who have experienced Herren Project’s services first hand or have been impacted by addiction.

In the last ten years, Herren Project has undergone an evolution that is hard to describe as anything but a miracle. If you’ve followed Herren Project since the beginning of this incredible journey, then you know Herren Project today is more than an idea — Herren Project is a movement. Movements are born out of a necessity: a necessity of change, compassion, understanding, empathy, and hope. Movements are not self-propelling. They require energy, effort, passion, and purpose. Much like a ripple effect in still water, all that is needed for the cascade of influence to take form and multiply is the single initiation of disturbance, a force of change that has a lasting impact on its surroundings. That is Herren Project, a power of good bringing positive awareness, hope, and meaningful change to the addiction community with purpose, vision, and passion. Through our experience in helping thousands of people across the country, we have learned to create change, inspire those who have lost hope, and evolve how we perceive and educate on a national level; it only takes one person. It is a power found within us, something that we call the “power of one.” This expression encapsulates all the principles that Herren Project and its sister organizations Herren Wellness and Herren Talks, were founded on. One person can change how we understand and engage substance use disorder and its treatment, recovery, and prevention. Alone, overcoming addiction is an incredibly steep, treacherous uphill battle. Still, together if we equip ourselves with the necessary tools and community, there is a much higher chance for successful, long-term recovery and overcoming addiction.

Herren Project celebrates its tenth anniversary as a nonprofit organization and kicking off its 2021 Empowerment Appeal by focusing on people who have positively impacted Herren Project. We recognize 11 men and women who are helping to change the face of addiction through their time, talents, and treasures. Each has played a considerable role in helping to transform an idea into a movement. The transformative power of these individuals exemplifies the “power of one” philosophy. Each has harnessed their unique power as individuals to enact positive change and influence in advancing our mission to support, inspire, and empower.

Brandi Williams

Brandi Williams is one such individual. From the very beginning, Chris Herren knew that Herren Project’s focus needed to be on one person and one family at a time — a sentiment that would come to define Herren Project in the years to come. Once a huge fan of Chris’ basketball career, Brandi would never have guessed that their paths would cross years later in such a monumental way. In March of 2011, Brandi was that “one person.” Her story is the perfect example of how the power of one can set the stage for an entire organization that would go on to help thousands of people across the country. Experiencing her personal struggles with drugs and alcohol for some time, Brandi was ready to reach out for help. Knowing of Chris Herren and his struggle, she reached out to Chris for help. Before she knew it, Chris responded, found her help, and started the story of Herren Project.

Having been the first person to receive a Herren Project scholarship, Brandi has had the unique perspective of witnessing the steady increase of life-saving services that Herren Project has added since its inception. Flourishing in her new way of life and with the desire to give back, Brandi’s dedication to being a voice of hope for those in a position similar to the one she was in a decade ago has taken on many forms. She took her recovery gift and has shared it with many along her journey, working in the addiction treatment field at many centers, including Herren Wellness. She is now a part-time employee of Herren Project, overseeing the online recovery meetings. The thing she is most proud of is following her dream of owning her own business. She is the owner and operator of Saks Thrift Avenue in Mashpee, MA, where she sells thoughtfully collected second-hand and vintage items.

Brandi is an inspiration for many showing the power one person can have on themselves and others. Whether sharing your time, talents, or treasures, we all have the power to come together to bring hope and healing to those affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol. As Herren Project’s annual appeal is underway, we ask you to ask yourself, “how can you be a power of one?” How will you make the most of your time, talent, and treasure? We ask you to consider donating on behalf of Herren Project today to the 2021 Empowerment Appeal. People nationwide need your help more than ever. Our goal is $250,000 to continue our work of providing free treatment, recovery, and prevention programs for individuals and communities nationwide.

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