Whenever I am asked this question, I always choose to focus more on my recovery rather than my journey down the wrong path. Anyone who’s familiar with this path knows there’s a million ways to find the wrong path, but only one road leads out to the road of recovery. The main reason I chose to submit my story is because I feel as though this subject does not get enough coverage and everyone has the right to know about all the options available to them. After struggling with opioid and heroin use for a long time, I went through a detox facility. and started using Vivitrol Therapy the day I was released. Along with the help of NA/AA meetings and the great people of the fellowship, I have recently accomplished 2 years of sobriety. It is my hope that at least one person who is struggling may read this and find the relief he/she is looking for. I didn’t do 2 years sober… I did one day, 730 times… and remember WE DO RECOVER!
-Brian M.

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