New School & Community Nationwide Initiative

Unite your school or community organization with an interactive community Board. Find wall space in your school or organization to build and create a “CommUNITY Board” to unite with Herren Project Clubs, schools, and community organizations nationwide and engage your community with a powerful message every two months.

Starting this month we will share a new idea for community bulletin boards to create at your school or organization. Our goal is to bring schools and communities together in collaboration and to engage each other in a community-building activity to strengthen connectedness among peers in schools and communities nationwide.

Every two months we will ask everyone to follow a new theme for your bulletin board. Plan ahead, gather supplies and embrace the shared contributions of those in your school or community. Even better, know that you are part of something even bigger – a community nationwide. These bulletin boards are meant to be an uplifting and inspirational source for the community. Encourage those in your community to participate in this initiative to support, inspire and empower one another!

Help us celebrate what makes each one of our communities unique and strong. Showcase your boards and share nationwide on social media and in our private School & Communities Facebook group by tagging Herren Project and using the hashtag #communityboard. We might even feature your board in an upcoming edition of the School and Community Newsletter.

If you are not a member of our FaceBook group, click here to join.

Upcoming 6-Month Calendar

Community Board Calendar







Throw a New Year’s CommUNITY Vision Board party! Have everyone visit the CommUNITY Board and contribute to creating a vision for your community. Have everyone share their intentions and use them collectively to unite and inspire your community. Lay out supplies in an area, such as magazines, clip art, quotes, speech bubbles, and markers, to spark creativity. Allow everyone to make their mark on your community’s shared vision for the year ahead!

vision board example


Wellness Week with Herren kicks off on March 6th! Create a CommUNITY chalkboard with the title “Wellness Wishes.” Put out multi-colored chalk for those in your community to write their wellness wish.


  • My wellness wish is to drink more water.
  • My wellness wish is to use art to express my feelings.
  • My wellness wish is to start a new yoga class.

If you do not have access to a large chalkboard, you can also create a CommUNITY Board instead. Put out sticky notes and writing utensils for individuals to share their wellness wishes on paper. Also, remember to register for Wellness Week with Herren. You can post your Wellness Wishes on social media during the week of March 6-11 with the hashtag #WWWH.

wellness wish board


Bring positive attention to mental health in May and June. Create a CommUNITY Board that will allow those in your community to “Take What They Need” to improve their mental health. Create this month’s board using envelopes labeled with uplifting and positive words such as Hope, Love, Kindness, Confidence, Self-Control, Patience, and Peace. Inside each envelope, place cards with uplifting quotes, ideas for self-care, or resources to support mental well-being. The cards inside each envelope should be related to the word that appears on the outside. For example, if there is an envelope labeled ‘Identity,’ you might put out cards with resources for individuals to develop a stronger sense of self. Be creative, and touch on topics related to your community’s specific needs.

take what you need board idea

We hope this will be an exciting activity for your schools and organizations and all of us collectively over the upcoming months. Do not forget to share pictures of your CommUNITY Boards on social media and tag us @herrenproject and @herrenbeyouth. AND remember always to Be You!

Herren Project Clubs is a school-based, evidence-informed prevention and wellness program designed by prevention specialists, clinicians, and school counselors to empower students to live substance-free while creating a peer network in schools. Its goal is to provide tools to strengthen social-emotional learning and coping skills to make healthy choices and live fulfilling lives.

Learn more about Herren Project Clubs and register to start a club at your school.