Team Herren Project Runs the 2021 Falmouth Road Race

The 49th running of the Falmouth Road Race was the background for much joy this past weekend when 50 teammates gathered to connect with new friends, reunite with old friends, share, laugh, and celebrate the power of recovery and healing. They collectively raised more than $57,391 to support the work of Herren Project, and even ran a bit too, as they each covered the storied 7-mile course. The entire weekend was a celebration of relationships and growing good, TOGETHER.

Falmouth Road Race

In the words of our teammates:

Running Falmouth with these fabulous people was exactly what I needed! The hugs, smiles, and love all around are the absolute best! I’m grateful we’re in this together to help one person, one family at a time. – Suzanne Hole

Thank you so much! Looking forward to building my relationship with the Team! – Josalyn Caradimos

Just want to send a big thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a motivational, fun, amazing team! What a beautiful race! I’m forever grateful. And hope to be part of it again next year! – Melissa Rapoza

I am beyond overwhelmed by the love and support I received from all of my family, friends, and teammates. You all powered me through this race! – Patti Burgbuchler

Today I run for Herren Project with many people in mind! I am blessed to run with the love and support of the Family Support Groups and The Grief Support Groups I facilitate. I carry with me all those we have lost… I say their names and remember their loved ones. – Rebecca Helman

We are in this together. Together is better! – Alan Scherer

Today I participated in my first Falmouth Road Race alongside a team of 50+ for Herren Project. To say I am grateful to have been a part of this team would truly be an understatement. From the second Pam Rickard accepted my application to join this team, to Rebecca Helman welcoming me with open arms to a group where I’ve finally been able to talk about the pain of losing a loved one, and finally, to the past few days of being welcomed by endless hugs from those I’ve virtually met the past few months, I have found a home in Herren Project. To all that have supported me, whether it’s been through our friendships, donations, a kind word, thank you. Because of each of you and your support, I’ve raised $2,777 towards this amazing organization and it’s simply incredible. Here’s to you Jas, my forever and always – Michele Banchi

Falmouth Road Race 2021Falmouth Road Race 2021

We’d love for YOU to join Team Herren Project on their next adventure as we grow good, help others, and conquer our own adventures…TOGETHER.

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