Herren Project Ambassador retreat 2019 group at Craigville Inn

Herren Project Ambassadors – The historic Inn at Craigville Retreat Center was a very special place to spend time together.

A common definition of Ambassador is “an authorized messenger or representative.” Under that definition, all who are active with Herren Project are important ambassadors of our work and mission. Our ‘official’ ambassadors are a group of teammates who continue go the extra mile to connect others to Herren Project’s services and promote the power of recovery. They organize events, advocate for awareness and funds in their communities, speak on behalf of Herren Project and participate in Team Herren Project events.

The last weekend of June, Herren Project Ambassadors gathered at Craigville Retreat Center in Centerville, MA for their 2nd annual retreat to learn, grow and inspire each other. Ambassador teammates enjoyed a time of fellowship, sharing and learning more about Herren Project’s programs and services.

Lori McCarthy, Executive Director of Herren Wellness joined the group Saturday afternoon to share about the transformative work being done at the Herren Wellness facility in Seekonk, MA. Joining Lori were two Herren Wellness alumni who shared their remarkable stories of recovery, hope and healing with the group.

Jenny Swider, Communications Director for Herren Talks joined the group Sunday morning to share an exclusive preview of The First Day film.

Herren Project staff hosted an information session sharing details about new family and support programs, developments in our school and community initiatives and future events to look forward to in the coming year. According to ‘reviews’ after the 2-day retreat concluded, all experienced a time of growth, inspiration and fun!

Herren Project Ambassador retreat 2019 Cape Cod, MA

Herren Project Ambassadors enjoyed a walk to famous Four Seas Ice Cream together Saturday evening.


“I have been an ambassador or a chapter captain for other non-profits but there is something very different…special about Herren Project. May be the leadership. May be the folks you have chosen to be ambassadors. Only in the military have I had this same sense of camaraderie and trust, and I don’t say that lightly.” – Sean MacMillen

“I found this year’s retreat as a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and share new information to offset the distance between us…having Herren Project employees present to share new changes and explain their specific roles within the organizations was beneficial as we continue to grow. I do enjoy hearing the guest speakers share their sobriety stories as well.” – Meghan Mullins

“I’ve played team sports and played music with the same guys for 25 years, but the ‘energy’ of this group is just – kind of indescribable.” – Scott Waldrop

Herren Project is stronger due to the individuals who serve as ambassadors, helping us to make an even bigger positive impact in the world.


Paul White speaks at Herren Project Ambassador Retreat 2019

Herren Project’s Support Services Specialist Paul White highlighted Herren Project’s exceptional virtual support groups and the addition of a parent support group.


Herren Project Ambassador Retreat at Craigville Retreat Center in Cape Cod

Ambassadors Suzanne Hole, Alyson Cannone and Danielle Lussier enjoyed some face to face connecting and sharing.


Tom Rickard, Herren Project Ambassador at the second annual Retreat

Ambassador, Tom Rickard enjoying a time of quiet reflection. Together We Recover.