Herren Project Staff and Ambassadors Celebrate Recovery Month

September is Recovery Month! All month long, we celebrate our amazing recovery community. Take a look at what recovery means to Herren Project staff and ambassadors:

What does recovery mean to you?

“Recovery, to me, is about falling down and getting back up. It’s personal growth and forgiveness of yourself and others. It’s practicing gratitude for every 24 hours you are blessed with and for every person walking with you unconditionally.” -Bonnie Sawyer, Executive Director

“Recovery means to me looking at every day as a new day no matter what happens. Even if you fall, get right back up again! Recovery means patience and perseverance. Being grateful for every opportunity that comes along. Above all else, loving yourself and who you are becoming!” -Deana Ditri, Herren Project Ambassador

“While my time working for Herren Project has been relatively short, it has made a great impact on the way that I view recovery and the disease of addiction. Getting to work with several individuals in recovery has shown me that a life of recovery is possible and so much greater. With the support and guidance that Herren Project provides, individuals can reach the goal of a sober and rewarding lifestyle. As the individual who is responsible for acknowledging donations, it is truly inspiring to see the impact that Herren Project has made all over the nation. While it is difficult at times to see the large number of people who are struggling with addiction or those who have lost their lives to this disease, it is even more reason to keep providing the services and support that we do.” -Victoria Remsen, Executive Assistant

“To me, recovery is everything I grieved and thought I lost given back to me. It’s the healing of old scars- conversations where I told people, ‘I will never have him back.’ It’s having the best friend I’ve had since I was little, seeing his self-worth, and watching him reclaim the person he was before. It’s second chances, it’s hope, it’s beautiful. -Allison Terlacher, Herren Project Ambassador

“Recovery is the most precious and important thing I ‘own,’ and has not only saved my life but enhanced it immeasurably. While in active addiction, I went from coping to denial to despair, and at first, recovery simply helped me to survive. Today, it helps me thrive in a life I treasure…the good, the bad, and everything in between. My sobriety is the only thing that can’t be taken from me…even my life can be taken by another, but I am the only one who has the power to give up my sobriety, and I will always guard that truth with all of me. I am the face of addiction, but even better, I am the face of recovery.” -Pam Rickard, Director of Active Engagement, Sober since April 17, 2006

“Recovery, to me, is the unconditional love and support that we provide our loved ones who are struggling while also staying hopeful, remaining patient, knowing they are doing their best. It’s taking each day one step at a time.” -Michelle Banchi, Herren Project Ambassador

“My recovery is the foundation of everything I do in my life. It is the reason I get to breathe every breath I take. The reason I can wake up in the morning with a choice of how I want my day to go. It is the reason I am a daughter, aunt, wife, sister, and friend to those who mean the world to me. It is the reason I get to do the things I love. It does not mean that every day will be perfect, that or won’t make mistakes or see failure (aka lessons/growth) throughout my daily life. But it is the knowing that no matter what comes down the path, as a result of my doing or circumstance, as long as I do not pick up a drink or a drug, I can move forward, and whatever hurdle I am facing will pass. My recovery is everything!” -Amy E Carlos Colombo, Herren Project Ambassador

“Recovery means compassion for self and for others.” -Nancy Eaton, Herren Project Ambassador

What does recovery mean to YOU? Check out our calendar of events to see how you can join us in celebrating recovery this month!
If you are not local, check out Mobilize Recovery’s Day of Service, with events you can register for located all over the country!