4 Miles Every 4 Hours for 48 Hours to Raise Awareness

We congratulate the outstanding accomplishment of Team Herren Project’s 2021 4x4x48 Teams. Created by former Navy Seal David Goggins, the 4x4x48 Challenge is an event where participants run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. Justin and Jarred McClafferty, Armand Diesso, and several of their dedicated friends created a team to take on this challenge in New Jersey, while Coleman Dobb took on the Challenge in Connecticut, and Joe Stacy did his in California. These wonderful folks raised more than $12,600, and even more awareness for Herren Project’s crucial treatment, recovery, and prevention programs.

This event was an excellent opportunity for these folks to get involved in Team Herren Project and experience the community and support that makes Herren Project so special.

“I’ve been sober for eight months, and Herren Project gave me the opportunity to get the help that I so desperately needed. As I’ve slowly gained my freedom back, I want to participate in this challenging running fundraising event to bring awareness to addiction and Herren Project.” – Joe Stacy, Team Herren Project Teammate

Team Herren Project Runner

Our active network of individuals comes together to raise funds & awareness across the globe through Team Herren Project. This year as we start to partake in events and gather again, we have tons of opportunities to get involved. With exciting and creative events like this one, there is no limit to creating your own event or joining an existing team to tackle some of the world’s most famous races! Teammates come from around the globe and from all walks of life. Team Herren Project teammates participate in various kinds of athletic fundraising events like 5ks, marathons, triathlons, and more. Check out how you can get involved here.

“If someone were to ask me to define the perfect 4x4x48 experience, it wouldn’t come close to the magic that took place over that weekend. Since launching the fundraiser in February, we were able to raise over $10,000 for individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction. I chose to work with the Herren Project because this foundation gives back what the disease of addiction takes away from so many people, HOPE. Our goal for this challenge was to end the stigma surrounding drug addiction, to show that addicts like myself can get clean, stay clean and find a new way to live. If we can stop one person from picking up the drug for the first time, not knowing what they are in store for, or one addict picking up the drug for the last time not knowing there is a better way, it’s a major win in this long battle. Addicts do recover, families can heal, and together we can prevent the next generation from picking up the first drug.” – Justin McClafferty, Team Herren Project Teammate

More than 900 total teammates participating in over 250 events

Teammates come together in our online Facebook group, social media followings, and eventually, when it comes a time when they toe the starting line! Together, they celebrate recovery from substance use disorder, healing, and empowerment through healthy activities.

“Justin and his Team personify who we are…supporting, inspiring, and empowering themselves and others with every step! They chose to go outside their comfort zone and experience to directly benefit others and ran for those who can’t. The fact that they raised four times their original goal only illustrates the trust and support that surrounds them!”Pam Rickard, Director of Active Engagement

Herren Projecct 4x4x48 challange

Herren Project is grateful for these 4X4X48 teammates for their hard work and dedication to our mission to support, inspire, and empower those affected by substance use disorder. We are grateful for our entire Team Herren Project community has collectively raised over $2 million for our work. Joining the Team is a great way to support all those affected by addiction and support athletic goals. Our private Facebook community further provides inspiration and emotional support. Team Herren Project is a wonderful community passionate about Herren Project’s mission, and we look forward to having a successful 2021 event year. Learn more about Team Herren Project and read more about the teammates’ “why” here.