Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School

Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School in Pennsylvania became a Herren Project Club in 2021, beginning by integrating their club within the school’s SADD Club. Over the last year, they have started using more of the Herren Project Club activities and trying to spread the message of wellness throughout their district from elementary school up.

Sarah Garman has been the SADD club advisor for seven years. The group’s numbers have varied, but 2021 is their biggest year, with almost 30 members. One of their biggest accomplishments was their Wellness Fair last spring, during Wellness Week with Herren. The club members decided to go big with presentations and activities every class period and work with other school organizations. Over 200 students participated by either visiting the gym or attending the special sessions. Sessions included Gloga, Yoga, jewelry making, stress dogs, book club, riding kayaks in the pool, and various other wellness-related activities. The event was one of the first actual events since the pandemic and the first return to normalcy in quite a while.

wellness week with herren kayaks

“It was great seeing self-care and wellness brought into focus within our school and empowered club kids to step out and organize more activities to help their fellow students.” Sarah Garman

Getting more involved in the Herren Project community, Hollidaysburg has had the opportunity to work with Jillian Moriarty, Herren Project’s Prevention Coordinator. On October 10th, the Herren Project Club worked with Jillian via Zoom to participate in the Scribl Shoe Project. The club had done the activity last year with kindergarteners and adapted it to work with high school students. It was great to see the creativity and openness of this diverse group come together to share their stories. It had a significant impact on strengthening peer-to-peer support within the club and the larger community.

Hollidaysburg Peace Love Herren Project Club workshop

This year one of their club members was chosen to be a 2022-2023 Herren Project Youth Ambassador. We are excited to have Isabella P. as part of this group of leaders from across the country.

Isabella Pietrolungo

“I want to be able to make a change. I want to help all ages become the best versions of themselves!” – Isabella P.

Thank you to our Hollidaysburg Area Herren Project Club for making a difference in their school and community and sharing a message of wellness. It is an example for other clubs across the county.

Herren Project Clubs is a school-based, evidence-informed prevention and wellness program designed by prevention specialists, clinicians, and school counselors to empower students to live substance-free while creating a peer network in schools. Its goal is to provide tools to strengthen social-emotional learning and coping skills to make healthy choices and live fulfilling lives.

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