Finding Healing & Giving Hope to Others

Holly G. contacted us shortly after losing her precious husband, Matt, to a heroin overdose. She and Matt seemingly ‘had it all,’ beautiful children, excellent careers, loving family, but that was not enough to save Matt’s life from the grips of addiction. Holly began training to run her first marathon earlier, as she believed her husband was doing well and working his program of recovery. Unfortunately, that was not the case, as he lost his battle to the disease of addiction just 3 months before her race. Holly found Herren Project as she was searching for answers and healing after Matt’s death. She decided that Matt would want her to run, so she chose Herren Project’s “Own Your Own Race” option, dedicating her Baltimore Marathon to Matt. She setting a goal to raise $1,000 for the work of Herren Project. When Matt’s sister, Tracy, learned of Holly’s plan, she too decided to sign up to run the marathon, joining Holly, and Team Herren Project, to run in Matt’s honor. The two women, sisters by marriage,  ended up raising more than $6,000 and are now beloved members of the Herren Project family. They both enjoyed successful marathons, even ending up on the Baltimore news channel, WBAL-TV, finishing the race hand in hand, in their matching Herren Project shirts.