Herren Project is honored to introduce our 2019 Boston Marathon team.  Read their personal stories on how they spread hope and awareness about the disease of addiction.


Caleb Daniloff

Caleb Daniloff Cambridge, MA As a former alcoholic, running has played a large role in my health and sobriety, helping to deflate my anxiety and depression, and supplying me with [...]


Andy and Julie Rogers

Andy & Julie Rogers Port Orchard, WA Running the Boston Marathon for Herren Project as a couple symbolizes the life that we have chosen together in Recovery: Love, Hope, Connection, [...]


Katelyn Rota

Katelyn Rota Holbrook, MA Up until 10 months ago, I would have never described myself as a “runner.” In all honesty, it has been a few years since I have [...]


Ginger Stephens

Ginger Stephens Nacogdoches,TX I spent many years turning to alcohol instead of God to meet my needs. I began running daily while I was in treatment for alcohol dependence at [...]


Tracy Calderone

Tracy Calderone Baltimore, MD When I spoke at my brother’s funeral in August 2015, I shared these words of grief that are still true today: I grieve today for many [...]


Allen Thomas

Allen Thomas Boynton Beach, FL Allen has been working with Herren Project for 3 years, running Boston with us in 2018, as well as the ’17 and ’18 Falmouth Road [...]


Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh Brookline, MA I am running the 2019 Boston marathon with Herren Project in support of my brother and all of those who are either experiencing addiction or love [...]