Finding Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

As a new mother, the attention Karla’s children required was being held hostage by her disease. As her children grew, so too did the control addiction had over her everyday life. Karla remembers at her worst, her drinking had gotten so out of control, that she was drinking around the clock, including during work and taking care of her children. It was her children, however, that made her realize she needed to change, desperately. She found herself in the lobby of an emergency room pleading for help, though she was denied for not being in immediate danger. Luckily, two of Karla’s friends were committed to helping her and together they called one detox center after another, all seemingly giving the same response, “We have no beds, try calling again later.” In a last attempt, one of Karla’s friends remembered hearing about Herren Project and decided to reach out. Herren Project immediately took her information including insurance and her history of substance use to find the best treatment bed available based on her needs. Lastly, Herren Project asked if she could find a safe place for her children to stay and if she could get her bags ready. Within 48 hours, Karla was in a treatment center getting the help she desperately needed, not only for herself, but her family as well.

Today, Karla enjoys a life in recovery, while pursuing her art, making a difference, and teaching her kids healthy ways to cope with stress. Most importantly, Karla is now fully available and present for her children. Karla feels passionate about sharing her experience and challenging the culture that celebrates the over consumption of alcohol – especially amongst mothers. She hopes that as the stigma continues to break down around addiction so that people feel more comfortable about getting the support they need.

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If you are struggling but ready to recover, Herren Project is here to provide you with help getting into treatment for addiction and substance use disorder. Reach out to a member of our recovery team to take the first step.