When supporting a good cause, combining fun and philanthropy can create an unforgettable experience. One such event that exemplifies this notion is the Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon. This event provided a platform for participants to showcase their bowling skills and raised awareness and funds to support individuals and families affected by addiction.

The Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon united people from all walks of life, joining in their commitment to supporting those affected by addiction. It offered a unique chance to connect with like-minded individuals, share stories, and build a network of support within the community.

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, hundreds participated in this family-friendly event sponsored by Hurricane Promotions, held in Warren, RI, at Dudek Bowling Lanes. The event ran from 10 am – 10 pm, bringing people from the community as well as Herren Project alums, family members, local students, staff, and guests from Herren Wellness to participate in the event. People from near and far came to bowl, including Tim Fuller, all the way from Albany, NY.

Herren Project staff and recovery coaches

Heather Herren at bowl-a-thon

Guests at Herren Project Bowl-a-thon

Participants created teams, collected pledges and donations, and engaged in a friendly competition to see who could raise the most money to support the Herren Project’s initiatives. There was support from many that also could not attend. Lanes were sponsored by individuals and companies, like BayCoast Bank, allowing students in the surrounding communities to bowl with their friends for free. Raffle items were donated, from a signed Chris Herren basketball to gift certificates and beach-themed baskets to raise more money for the cause. The event helped raise $6,000, which will provide critical addiction recovery and prevention resources for those in need.

Encouraging Conversations and Community

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon was the stories of inspiration and transformation that emerged from it. Participants and supporters alike shared their personal journeys of overcoming addiction, finding hope, and rebuilding their lives. There were some celebrating 30 days of sobriety. One mother came in memory of her son, who lost his life a few years earlier.

“This event is about the success stories of the Herren Project.” Mike Herren, Hurricane Promotions

Chris with Herren Project Alumni

Guests at the Herren Project Bowl-a-thon

“It was an incredible day that provided the opportunity for so many families and young people to come together and have fun. The sense of community and connection was just palpable at Dudek.” Bonnie Sawyer, Executive Director

These stories served as beacons of light, showing that proper support and resources make recovery possible. This sense of belonging and encouragement can be life-changing for someone in the midst of their recovery, and to see it in action was inspiring.

Why Warren, Rhode Island?

Herren Project interestingly has many connections to the Bristol-Warren area, going back to when Chris spoke at Mt. Hope High School in 2011. While he was there, a student wearing purple raised her hand and said, “I wear purple to represent the students who choose not to do drugs.” She thanked Chris for his advocacy. Inspired by this student’s courage, Chris started “The Project Purple Initiative” to empower other students to take a stand around substance use and work towards ending the stigma. This initiative, now retired, was the foundation and catalyst for Herren Project Clubs.

Catalysts for Community and Connection

In the spirit of community engagement, local businesses play a vital role in supporting events like the Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon. We want to recognize Dudek Lanes in Warren, RI, for their contributions to the success of this event. Their involvement provided a platform for the event, strengthened community bonds, and highlighted the importance of supporting local enterprises.

Dudek Lanes Warren RI

Dudek Lanes’ support amplifies the event’s impact and showcases the collective power of a community working together for a shared purpose.

The Ripple Effect

The impact of the Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon Event extends far beyond the funds raised and the immediate services provided. By rallying communities together, the event creates a ripple effect of support, inspiring others to take action and fostering a culture of compassion and understanding. It prompts conversations, breaks down barriers, and encourages a collective effort to create change.

The Herren Project Bowl-a-Thon is a shining example of how a community can come together to raise awareness, have sober fun, and inspire hope for individuals battling addiction.

Herren Project Bowl-a-thon

Herren Project and Herren Wellness guests

Herren Project is a non-profit organization founded by former NBA player Chris Herren with a vision to support individuals and families affected by addiction. Herren Project offers comprehensive resources, including treatment navigation, recovery support, family support, and educational prevention programs. The organization aims to support, inspire, and empower individuals in their journey toward sobriety and overall wellness by fostering a sense of community. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and needs help, please reach out to a member of our team at recovery@herrenproject.org

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