Committing to a Life in Recovery

marc c herren project recovery story

In the 16 years that he struggled with substance use disorder, Marc C. had overdosed multiple times. In his many attempts to get sober, Marc struggled with committing himself to a life in recovery – not taking seriously the detriment he was causing himself and his family. It wasn’t until the last time he overdosed when he was put on life support for a day and a half, that his mother had finally had enough. Though Marc had sought help from Herren Project in the past, his mother reached out while he was still in the hospital hoping this time would be his last, successful attempt at sobriety.

Marc’s addiction started with OxyContin, long before the life-threatening effects of the drug became public knowledge. Though opiates had landed him in the hospital on numerous occasions, Marc had lost complete control and his addiction was calling the shots. When Marc’s mother reached out to Herren Project while her son was on life support, something clicked within him and he started taking his recovery seriously.

After being released from the hospital, Herren Project helped get Marc into a detox and rehabilitation treatment center. Through the Herren Project scholarship program, Marc was able to complete his stay at Immersion Recovery Center where he accepted that his sobriety would be the difference between life and death. Marc chose life, and has just celebrated 3 years of sobriety.

Today, Marc works for his dream company and is building a life that has surpassed his expectations. Along with attending Herren Project alumni events, Marc attributes his success in recovery to God, being physically active, a healthy diet and building healthy relationships.

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