A Family’s Journey of Healing & Support

Having watched her husband struggle with substance use disorder, Meg was at a loss for what to do. She knew something was wrong with her husband’s behavior but she didn’t know where to turn to for help. By chance, Chris Herren came to speak at the high school where she works which led to her reaching out to Herren Project for guidance. Meg wrote a letter describing her situation and within the next day, she received a call from Herren Project: “How can we help?” Herren Project worked directly with Meg and her husband finding the right treatment placement, while giving them an overview of the process to help alleviate any apprehensions they had.

While Meg’s husband received treatment, she was made aware of the family support groups offered by Herren Project where she could learn more about the neurobiology behind addiction, how individuals are affected by substance use disorder, coping skills, healthy boundaries, and more. Meg took full advantage of the support groups where she felt understood and welcomed by the other attendees and the licensed clinician running the group. Meg attributes the support group to helping her get through the trauma of having a family member suffer from the disease of addiction.

After some time, Meg’s world was shook once again when she found out her husband had relapsed. Many questions whirled through her mind: “How could this happen again? Who will help us now after the help we have already received?” Herren Project understands that battling addiction is not easy – that everyone’s recovery journey is different and relapses happen. Support means being there through the ups and the downs, as long as there is a desire to get better. Without judgment, Herren Project stepped in again to help Meg and her husband. This time, Meg’s husband was placed at Herren Wellness and Meg found herself once again in the support group where she was welcomed with open arms. Today, Meg’s husband is living a healthy life in recovery.

Having experienced the struggles of dealing with substance use disorder through her husband, Meg felt compelled to be proactive in her community. In an effort to prevent the misuse of substances amongst her students, Meg brought Herren Project Clubs to her school. Herren Project Clubs helps youth learn healthy stress management skills, empowerment, leadership, and creates a community of like-minded students with a desire to abstain from substance use. If you’d like to learn more about Herren Project Clubs, including information on how to start a club in your school, please click here.

While her husband enjoys a healthy, substance free life in recovery, Meg shares her gratitude for the life-changing help she received from Herren Project by being a member of Team Herren Project’s running events and keeping in contact with the people who supported her and her husband through their journey.

To support people like Meg and her husband in their journey of healing, please donate today.

If you are struggling but ready to recover, Herren Project is here to provide you with help getting into treatment for addiction and substance use disorder. Reach out to our recovery team to take the first step.