One Parent’s Story of Coping With a Child’s Addiction

Patti had spent years struggling with how to best help her son who has substance use disorder. She felt as though the illness was not only hurting him, but her as well. After her son’s almost deadly overdose, Patti decided to reach out to Herren Project for guidance and support. The help she’s received has, in her own words, changed her life.

When Patti reached out to Herren Project, she was told about the treatment placement services and also the free online support groups for family members affected by addiction. Patti’s son was willing to give treatment a try and so, Herren Project worked with him to find a treatment center that fit his needs and took his insurance.

As many family members know, addiction is a family disease. It doesn’t just affect the individual with the illness, it affects the entire family. Patti knew she needed her own kind of support to deal with situations no parent should have to face – overdoses, relapses and heartache. After joining the family support group, she felt relief, like a weight had been lifted, like she could breathe again. Finally, she had found people that ‘get it’.

The support group and the clinician leading it helped her set healthy boundaries, practice self-care and support her son in the right ways. She also joined Team Herren Project with some of the other support group members and has implemented exercise and fitness into her wellness routine.

Patti credits Herren Project’s support group (and Team Herren Project) for giving her tools to cope with her son’s illness in healthy ways and helping her become more rooted in her own wellbeing. Now, Patti feels empowered and is so grateful for the knowledge and sense of community she’s received from the online support group. Patti encourages any family member struggling to reach out to Herren Project.

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Learn more about Herren Project’s free online support groups for family members affected by addiction or sign up for one here.