The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Fundrasing

Peer-to-peer fundraising, also known as P2P fundraising and social fundraising, is a way for nonprofits to diversify their development strategy. Supporters reach out to their networks via social media and email and encourage them to give to the nonprofit’s cause through an online donation page which not only raises money but increases awareness of your cause. Team Herren Project is one avenue of peer-to-peer fundraising that Herren Project relies upon, not only for fundraising but for bringing positive awareness to the cause through the community.

Peer to peer fundraising

What is Team Herren Project?

Team Herren Project is a welcoming community of individuals committed to raising funds and awareness for Herren Project. They participate in athletic fundraising events like 5ks, marathons, triathlons, and Spartan Races to help support Herren Project’s programs and services. Teammates come from all across the world and from all walks of life. Together, they celebrate recovery from substance use disorder, healing, and empowerment through healthy activities.

Annually, Herren Project participates in various events across the United States and worldwide. One of Herren Project’s premier events is the historic Boston Marathon. Herren Project must apply each year to the B.A.A.’s Official Charity Program, where they provide invitational entries to the Boston Marathon to select non-profit organizations. All funds raised with these entries go directly to fund the work of the organization, but the fundraising minimums required by the B.A.A. reflect the demand for these entries, as well as the mission of the B.A.A., which is to ‘strengthen local communities and of promote a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running.’

Gratefully for 2022, Herren Project was offered 15 official Boston Marathon invitational entries . Our team is once again made up of remarkable individuals, all affected by addiction in some way. What makes this year even more special is the fact that Herren Project’s own Executive Director, Bonnie Sawyer, and Board President, Ryan Connolly, help to make up this team, each taking the 26.2-mile journey on Herren Project’s behalf, and raising the significant donations required to meet our goals.

Leading by Example

Bonnie Sawyer has been with Herren Project for ten years and was named the Executive Director in September 2022. Bonnie is a self-proclaimed non-runner but fueled by her passion for the cause, and through the inspiration of many people, she knew there was no better way to give back.

Bonnie Sawyer

“I have seen so much pain and grief over the years, as well as incredible stories of hope and healing. To me, there was no more powerful way to celebrate my ten years with Herren Project than to run for all of the men and women who have touched my life over the past ten years. Their stories are what inspire me and give purpose to my 26.2-mile journey and will carry me every step of the way.” Bonnie Sawyer

As of Tuesday, Sawyer has raised more than $31,400; currently, the 6th highest fundraiser of all Boston Marathon charity fundraisers combined. Her goal is to raise $50,000 before Marathon Monday on April 18.

“It will be the most difficult thing I have done, but it is no more difficult than those who overcome the disease of addiction,” Sawyer said.

Ryan Connolly, Board President, is running his second Boston Marathon with Herren Project out of sincere and profound gratitude for Chris Herren and the work of Herren Project in raising awareness around substance use disorder. Ryan has had the privilege of serving on the Board of the Herren Project for three years, but more importantly, has been the beneficiary of the incredible work this organization does of supporting, inspiring & empowering individuals and families impacted by addiction. Ryan is proud of his sobriety and hopes to inspire others to take the first step.

Ryan Connolly

As of Tuesday, Ryan has raised $12,006. His goal, like Bonnie’s, is to raise as much money as possible. There is no cap on the amount of money needed to help Herren Project provide its free resources and support for the treatment, recovery, and prevention of addiction.

Why They Choose to Run

Ryan and Bonnie lead by example and take part in 126th Boston Marathon to raise money for Herren Project. Each is a member of Team Herren Project and a major donor to the cause. Each has seen first-hand the incredible work and impact made at Herren Project for over ten years.

The Impact

  • Hundreds of men & women have started their recovery journey now celebrate life in long-term recovery.
  • Hundreds of families have healed together from the tools they have received to help support loved ones affected by the disease of addiction.
  • Hundreds of families who have lost a loved one have grieved together and become stronger.
  • Communities have come together to break the stigma to allow those with the disease of addiction to stand proud.
  • Students have been empowered to be proud of who they are and support one another to make healthy choices and become leaders to help prevent substance misuse.

The Team Herren Project Boston Marathon team is made up of 19 men and women, all running with the same passion and purpose. Collectively they have already raised $181,844. Read more about the team. Choosing to take the 1st step is always the hardest, but it is always worth it. There is nothing more powerful than running a marathon for those in recovery, those we have lost, and in the hope of inspiring just one to take the first step.

Many people of all ages need our help! Consider supporting Bonnie, Ryan, or any one of our teammates with a donation today.

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