Meet Rebecca Helman

Herren Project highlights people in our community who embody our mission’s spirit to support, inspire, and empower those affected by substance use disorder. This month, we would like to formally welcome and introduce you to our new recovery team member and lead clinician, Rebecca Helman, LICSW.

Rebecca has worked in mental health for over 20 years, treating people in public high schools, mental health centers, and sober living facilities. Specializing in addiction and recovery, anxiety disorders, trauma, and grief, we are grateful to have her on our team as a lead clinician and to oversee our growing family support program.

Rebecca Helman

Rebecca is no stranger to Herren Project, though, and why we know, she is a real “gamechanger” – a faithful supporter of our mission almost since day one. She started as and continues to be a valued teammate of Team Herren Project. Rebecca has raised thousands of dollars running in numerous races, from Spartan to the Falmouth Road Race to the NYC Half and Hampton’s Marathon.

In 2017, Herren Project started its first online family support group. Rebecca started our one-of-a-kind addiction grief support group with a passion for families who were grieving the loss of a family member due to addiction-related death. “The stigma of substance use disorder transcends death to the surviving family members. Therefore ‘regular’ grief groups do not address the concepts and heaviness of stigma, shame, and years of fear, pain, and hope. The time with these families is precious to me. Honoring those lives we have lost is important,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca Helman

Taking her commitment to another level, she also began the in-person component with the grief group members with an annual Grief Support weekend retreat. Her dedication goes even further, meeting for coffee and connection or running Falmouth or Spartan with her family support members. Rebecca believes, “Human connection is powerful and truly healing! I am blessed to be able to CONNECT through Herren Project.”

Rebecca is now a member of our recovery team, acting as a lead clinician and overseeing the family support program. She facilitates five online support groups and is one of three licensed clinicians who provide free 15-minute phone consultations for family members needing extra support.

Rebecca Helman

Herren Project’s free family services have grown significantly in the past few years, especially since the pandemic. People with the disease of addiction are struggling more than ever as relapse rates skyrocket and drug overdose deaths increase to records highs. The need for family support and resources is greater than ever.

Herren Project currently provides 19 online family support groups offering grief support to groups for the general family to specific parents, spouses, and sibling groups. Free 15-minute phone consultations are available, as well as educational resources and webinars on our YouTube channel.