“Running 130 miles for Charity.” These words can be daunting for many, but not Aaron Rich as he sets out from Pinehurst, NC and runs to the Eastern Shore, August 11-12th, covering 130 miles.

Herren Project’s ambassador, Scott Waldrop, recently caught up with Aaron to learn more about the run and ways people can support. Here is an excerpt from Scott’s blog sharing why this race and bringing awareness to the disease of addiction is so important through these unique ways to test their athleticism.

“So, a guy is going to run 130 miles from his home near Pinehurst, North Carolina all the way to the shoreline. Crazy? Yes. He’s also my friend, an accomplished ultrarunner and my teammate with The Herren Project (THP) — Aaron Rich. We speak out and run to raise money for and awareness of addiction. This money goes directly to individuals who want/need a way out. We who run for THP are always thinking of unique ways to test our athleticism. I see these “journeys into fear” as commemoration of where we came from and as a means of grabbing attention. It’s a physical, moving, human billboard advocating for the light to be shed upon this all-too-common disease, which hides behind more front doors than any of us care to imagine.”

Learn more about Aaron’s story and read Scott’s blog as he explores additional questions including:

You say 130 miles is out of your comfort zone. (I know you’ll crush it.) Why, in your opinion, is it important to go outside our comfort zones, and how does it relate to recovery?

I love that, instead of entering an official 100-mile race, you’re doing your own run for charity — well over 100 miles. I think this really encompasses the spirit of our sport. Coming from the perspective of someone who thinks this is total insanity, what drives one to do this sort of stuff?

If someone is struggling with depression, addiction, alcoholism etc., yet they feel like the “real them” is someone more like you, what do you want them to know?

Read Scott’s full blog post here:  https://rduinmotion.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/pinehurst-to-the-shore-130-miles-for-charity/


How you can get involved and support this effort?

We invite you to donate through the Crowdrise link below and follow Aaron on his run through the Facebook event page.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2069937749933543/?ti=ia

THP Crowdrise link: https://www.crowdrise.com/thp-your-own-race/fundraiser/aaronrich1

Thank you for your support of Herren Project.