Seeds of Hope

Our first-ever Seeds of Hope virtual cross-country team was a huge success, covering 14,078 miles, TOGETHER! From teens to baby boomers, 160 teammates from all over the country ran, walked, cycled, skated, kayaked, and swam during the month of July, adding up miles and donations as they planted seeds of hope and helped others along the way.

The initial mileage goal for this extraordinary event was 3,100 miles, moving forward together from Herren Project headquarters in Tiverton, RI to Seattle, WA. But, thanks to the strength, commitment and dedication of these teammates, they reached Seattle on July 12, so, they headed back east for a round trip!

The team passed Cleveland and decided to head South. The team made its way down through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida (all the way to Key West!) and came back North, all along the east coast back to Tiverton, RI, ‘arriving’ together, July 31st. These good growers have raised more than $40,000 through their efforts, directly empowering others find their way and grow into their healthiest selves.

And while we can easily track miles and donations, it’s harder to ‘show’ the personal growth, the relationships that have developed, and the encouragement shared, every single day. Some of our Seeds of Hope teammates’ words help illustrate what this event means to them:

“Out on my walk today I am reminded to look around at this place I call home. This place of beauty, community and purpose. So… I walk for those that are fighting to find these things in their own lives. Logging my miles for Herren Project Seeds of Hope. My hope is that everyone can find their purpose.” – Karen Latorre, CT

“We have been so impressed by all the seeds planted, we will donate $100 more to this great cause. Thank you for all you do! We need to do a better job of counting out miles, …this new puppy keeps us walking!” – Robert Oborn, OH

“Run: Total 90 miles; 60 miles to go to Goal Fundraising: 264% of goal! … shooting for the stars!” – Mary Weeks, NY

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way! Planting Seeds of Hope for tomorrow on our morning run with our puppy Willow.” – Andy Rogers, WA

Seeds of Hope RunnerSeeds of Hope Runner

“For me and my family the road to recovery was filled with twist & turns. Today we run with Team Herren Project to help others on their road of recovery and healing.” – Walt and Tara Smith, NY

“It’s not a race. Just keep pushing. A beautiful night to remember WHY we run.” – Erin Ward, RI

“I have a total of 69.5 walking and running combined. 23.1 running is my best yet for a week. Had my best 5k Monday and ran my first 10 mile run this morning. Inspiration and purpose bring out things I never thought I could or would accomplish. I’m proud to be a part of this purposeful event.” – Frank Riedl, NJ

“It’s days like this, the days of overwhelming emotion, that progress is made. Adding another 7.27 miles to my Herren Project #SeedsofHope virtual run…I am blown away by the support I have received and cannot tell you guys how much I appreciate it!” – Alyson Cannone, CO

Seeds of Hope RunnerSeeds of Hope Runner

“Official races maybe cancelled this year, but these July miles are some of the most meaningful I’ve ever run. 135 of us have run, walked, biked, etc. enough miles to cross the country and are working on a round trip. More importantly we have raised over $16k to help individuals and families combat substance use disorder!!” – Glen Harrington, MA

“Halfway through the month and I am at 40.53 miles. My goal is 100 miles for the month! Thank you so much for organizing this! My son has grown interest in running and biking with me and I have loved every second of it!” – Paige Shell, NC

“12 more miles..lots of seeds, lots of gratitude. I’ll take one step, one loop, one mile, one run, and one day at a time to not go back to ‘day one’.” – Joe Beaudet, NY

Seeds of Hope Runner Seeds of Hope Runner

“Spent two hours at the skate park this morning planting #seedsofhope with a little dude from the neighborhood who wants to learn to skate. I had never tracked my time down there and was SHOCKED at how much distance I cover in a typical session.” – Rob Marshall, CT

“Sowed seeds for another 3 miles this morning before work as I continue to focus on ONE of my WHYs.” – Patti Bergbuchler, NY

“We may not have done a ton of miles, but we did them with a ton of heart” #seedsofhope – Marci Wright (and son), MA

Seeds of HopeSeeds of Hope Runner

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