Team Herren Project Takes on the 2021 New York City Marathon with Grace and Gratitude

NYC Marathon 2021

Team Herren Project helped make history in NYC Sunday, Nov.7, 2021 when our 20 teammates each ran from Staten Island to Central Park in the 50th running of the New York City Marathon!

Herren Project’s 2021 NYC Marathon team also made history as they raised more than $132,000, directly helping people, families, and communities through the work of Herren Project. Even better, countless people were inspired, supported, and empowered through each one of them and their families and donors.

Ryan HatfieldNancy Eaton

Each teammate crushed their personal running goals as well in NYC, with several PRs, many first-time marathoners, and all overcoming that 26.2 mile distance with grace and gratitude.

Just a few of our teammates’ words shared below, as well as the photos here, help to tell the story of the good we are growing, the relationships we are building, and the goals we are crushing…TOGETHER:

“4 years ago today I was fired. I was calling out all the time and when I did show up I was drinking at work to keep the shakes at bay and prevent throwing up. Today, I’m still glowing with happiness and energy from completing the NYC marathon. I can’t believe how good I felt throughout the marathon and how good I feel today! I’m 100% positive that the reason I feel so good is because I’m sober. The NYC marathon was my first sober marathon and it certainly won’t be my last. I was lucky enough to go to rehab on a scholarship and knowing that I raised money to help somebody else achieve sobriety is a feeling I can’t put into words. Thank you, Team Herren Project for this incredible experience.” – Tara Joyce

“Miles 17 through 24 are tough. It’s hell on your body, it’s dark, it’s cold, you’re alone and they’re starting to wrap up the streets and I think I was one of the last 100 to finish,” Francis said. “But for me, I can’t believe I get to do this. It’s so moving, it changes everything about the way you see the world and your life. I’m (out of shape), an alcoholic in recovery, and 47 (years old) and I just ran the New York City marathon. It felt unbelievable.” – Heather Francis

As I reflect back on this past NYC weekend, the positive vibes and energy were running high with excitement while my heart was filled with so much love and gratitude. Having the ability to share this NYC marathon experience with my love, Sara Shingleton, and with this fantastic group was more than I could have imagined and certainly not something on my radar 6 years ago, and as for me, I’m blessed to have been given the opportunity to run through the streets of NYC with you all and check off another sober race under my belt! Not just the racing side of it, but the fundraising experience was incredible,and hope that I have the opportunity to join you all again in the near future….. but in another city (Boston?) #TogetherWeRecover – Frank (& Sara) Shingleton

“What an incredible experience to run NYC for Team Herren Project. I cannot stress how reenergizing Saturday night was for me – I woke up Sunday morning ready to take on the hardest thing I have ever done because of the strength & stories from you all. So thankful to be a part of this team, even though I swear that Queensboro bridge was just trying to take us down! It was my gratitude for all of you that kept me going!! Cheers to a great day, Congratulations to you all.” – Maggie LaRoche

Debbie LathropRyan Leahy

We’d love for YOU to join Team Herren Project on their next adventure as we grow good, help others, and conquer our own adventures…TOGETHER.

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