What are Herren Project Healing Packages?

Herren Project’s healing package program started in 2016 as a way to give the gift of warmth, support, and compassion to individuals or families struggling with the effects of addiction. Through Giving Tuesday, this tradition has continued for the past five years, delivering hope and healing to over 900 individuals as a way to remind others that they are not alone in their journey.

Herren Project provides Recovery Packages to recovery scholarship recipients taking the first step in their recovery. Recovery packages include items to help support individuals as they transition from treatment like a journal, daily meditation book, and a gift card.

Family members who are impacted by a loved one in active addiction receive the Family Package. This package includes one of four books personalized to their particular situation as well as a bookmark.

Herren Project also provides a Grief Package for families healing from the loss of a loved one to the disease of addiction. This package includes a candle, Healing After Loss, and an invitation to join one of Herren Project’s weekly grief support groups where they can share with other individuals who have experienced a similar loss when they are ready.

Many individuals become part of the greater Herren Project community after receiving a healing package by seeking additional support through one of Herren Project’s support groups or participating in an event through Team Herren Project.

Now a yearly tradition at Herren Project, we designate Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, as our day of hope and healing. We use Giving Tuesday as a way to raise money to fund this important program while also as a way to give back in other ways.

Every $25 donation made on November 30th will provide one Herren Project Healing Package. Make a donation today to help us meet our goal of $12,500 to provide 500 healing packages to individuals in 2022.


Receiving the Gift of Healing

Willie Lucas “I’m grateful to be part of the Herren Project community and to have received a healing package. A special thanks to Lana and Ronnie for everything they have done for me and my family.” – Willie Lucas

Pat Duzey“In March of this year, I found myself in need of immediate support. My son Adam was just released from prison after nearly four years. Happily and gratefully, I found Herren Project online and was drawn to it for several reasons. One, I’m a native Bostonian transplanted to a southern state, and felt that the Yankee in me would be comfortable with people of similar backgrounds (although it turns out that our group members span the country). Two, the mission statement spoke to me of commitment and dedication. Three, the work of supporting families of addiction through group sessions in a Zoom format felt like a good fit for me.

After fifteen years of witnessing my son Adam’s descent into the addiction rabbit hole, half of his life, the “rest period” I had during his incarceration was ended, putting me into a rabbit hole of my own with PTSD and high anxiety. I knew I needed help and will always be grateful that I found Herren Project and my weekly group sessions. Each session ends with a reading from the book Tending Dandelions, from my Herren Project Healing Package. Often, the reading perfectly summarizes the topics, feelings, fears, guilt, sadness, happy moments shared during the session. To me, the book is not meant to be read regularly or daily, or in amounts more than a page at a time. That would be like attending multiple therapy sessions in a single day, too much for me to absorb and process at once. I am happy to hear the reading at each session and to let it percolate in my heart, doing its work silently and compassionately.

That Herren Project exists for people like me is no small miracle, coming from one man’s direct experience and growing through the compassion and giving of many more. For many years I walked this path on my own. To know that I am not alone is the greatest message and the one that helped me the most.” – Pat Duzey

Heidi InskeepHeidi Inskeep's Son “Once in a while, a tragedy opens a window into something you don’t expect. While solitude brings one kind of peace, sharing and listening to others who understand your loss completely fosters another kind of peace. I am grateful for the healing package I received and for opening up that place for me through the Herren Project grief support group for people who have lost loved ones to addiction. The group is facilitated by a professional licensed social worker with a passion for helping others through loss, Rebecca Helman. She has fostered a unique sense of community, yet also addresses each of us individually in our different phases of this roller coaster of grief. She encourages self-care. She remembers each of our stories as if we were each the only person in the group. I feel safe and comforted in this group. I feel lucky to have found this group when I really needed it, and still do. I tried one other that wasn’t a fit for me. I consider Rebecca and all the members of the group as dear hearts that I will be thankful for always.” – Heidi Inskeep

Pat Ducey“I am grateful for the healing package Herren Project sent to me during some of my toughest days.  Tending Dandelions is something that I refer to often to bring things back into balance. We refer to it often in our Family Support Group and I know its been a source of strength and hope for many of us.” – Joey Melanson

By making a donation you will help one person affected by substance use disorder. Help us reach our goal of $12,500 to provide 500 healing packages to individuals in 2022. Every $25 donation made on November 30th will provide one Healing Package.