The Importance of Building a Daily Wellness Routine

By Rebecca Livstone

We often find ourselves falling into bad habits, as we are constantly seeking ways to destress and distract ourselves. Our everyday life is hectic and often stressful, so it is crucial to seek outlets that allow you to set your stressors aside. I have always struggled with finding these distractions myself, but I have found that it takes a great deal of trial and error.

As the pandemic hit, my distractions grew limited, and I turned to nature as a means of support. Every evening I met up with my friends at a park to watch the sunset. My friends and I found that taking time to go outside, get fresh air, and watch the sky change colors, gave my friends and me daily joy and a sense of hope. We looked forward to our little outing each day and decided that we would do it even when Covid slows down.

As the circumstances have shifted, I can participate in more activities, such as working out at the gym. I recently created a challenging goal for myself, to work out every day. Although committing to such a difficult goal can be overwhelming, I found that I started to feel better about myself in various aspects once I began taking part in it. I have gained more self-confidence, knowing that I have the responsibility and determination to keep myself on track. Once I am working out, I get a boost of energy and the motivation to run faster and farther or try new machines. While I am exercising, my mind is completely focused on my movements, and I feel as though I am carried away from my daily stressors. This has been the most successful distraction for me, as it has made me feel better both mentally and physically. Scientifically, working out boosts your production of the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. I have started to bring family and friends with me to the gym to help them explore this positive outlet that I hope to share with others.

Why exerise is important for mental health

A side note:
If you decide that you want to begin your exercise journey, just remember that it will be difficult at first, but once you start doing it regularly, it becomes one of the highlights of your day.