Practicing wellness in our daily lives and being true to ourselves is an important part of living healthy, fulfilling lives substance-free. As part of Wellness Week with Herren 2021 we asked students and Herren Project Clubs nationwide to share with us what wellness and being you means to them in our first annual Wellness Week PSA Video Contest.

PSA Video Contest Winners

Thank you to all those who submitted their wellness PSA, both clubs and individuals, as they were all wonderful, authentic videos about what “Be You, Live Well” means to you!

Our winners for this year contest were:

  • 1st Place: Calista Bennett, MA
  • 2nd Place: Jayden Wasgatt, MA
  • 3rd Place: Ben Lopes, RI

Herren Project Club Winner: Mountview Middle School, MA

Thank you again for all the submissions and congratulations to our winners!