Why Showing Yourself Love & Appreciation is Important

By Urvi Sehgal 

Self-love is important to value in life. By showing self-love, you take care of your body and mental health. It is a way of making healthy choices when you put your mental and physical health first.

A couple of ways I like to show self-love is by taking mental health rest days on the weekends. I find art very therapeutic. Making abstract paintings to relieve some of the stress I receive from school helps me. I look for pictures on Pinterest and attempt to paint them on a canvas. Sometimes the painting doesn’t turn out perfect, but that’s fine because I paint for myself and take it as a break. It is essential to take a break and not burn-out or get too tired.

I also enjoy riding my bike when I need to take a break. Being outside helps me be mentally stable, especially if I have been at home for an extended time. Exercising can be a form of self-love because you appreciate your own body and take care of your physical health. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous; enjoying nature and taking a quick walk can be self-love.

Even if I sometimes don’t want to take a walk, I always make sure to meditate. On YouTube, I search for quick 10-30 minute meditation videos. One of my favorites is https://youtu.be/itZMM5gCboo. It helps me calm my mind and reduce the stress I usually feel. Taking a couple of minutes out of my day to do a hobby or exercise can help me become more at peace and appreciate my worth in life.

I used to compare myself to other people and realized that it isn’t healthy. It is essential to understand your self-worth and how to value that. Try to take time out of your day to enjoy the things that would make you happy and live a healthy life.