Stories Help Make us Human

By Alex Naliath

From the beginning of time, humans have communicated by telling stories. From hieroglyphics to theatre to television, stories are essential to human cognitive, social, and emotional development. They preserve culture, pass on cultural knowledge, and connect us to universal truths. We all tell stories about ourselves, share our experiences, twists, and turns, and our ups and downs. It is what makes us who we are. It is what makes each of us unique. From the day we are born, our story begins—chapter 1. As we grow older, we continue to write our story in hopes of sharing it as a gift to inspire future generations to change the world as we know it. We all come from distinct backgrounds, but all are connected through our everyday experiences. Stories help make us human in a way as well. Through stories, we understand the many aspects of life and differentiate between right and wrong. That is what makes storytelling so effective to little children. They are so intrigued due to their lack of the outside world, and stories help ignite their imagination and process the world around them. Stories do not have to be a book filled with words. Poetry, songs, pictures, and plays are also ways of telling a story. Stories can be described using various mediums such as Braille, sign language, and dance can also be used to inspire people of all ages. Stories serve many purposes in our lives. They help us understand ourselves, others, and the world around us, allowing us to find empathy for them in their situations. They enrich our lives and guide us to make the right decisions. “Telling our stories is not an end in itself, but an attempt to release ourselves from them, to evolve and grow beyond them.”

Story Telling