Herren Project and commodore builder at Prudential Center

If you were in Boston on the evening of December 18th, you may have noticed, while gazing at the infamous Prudential Center amongst the city’s skyline, a familiar color that is dear to our hearts. On that night at 5pm, Herren Project had the incredible honor of “flipping the switch” to illuminate the night sky with the color purple. In an effort to shine light on nonprofit organizations and raise awareness during the holiday season, Prudential Center recognizes 31 different organizations to help in gaining key visibility throughout each night in the month of December. Herren Project was chosen as one of those organizations, and on that chilly night of December 18th, the Boston sky went purple as a beacon of hope in the fight against the disease of addiction.

31 Nights of Light December 18, 2019Raising awareness for the disease of addiction

Herren Project used the momentous occasion to announce our exciting corporate partnership with Commodore Builders, a construction management firm based in Boston. The partnership will provide all 170 Commodore employees and their families with easily accessible services, resources and information so that, as needed, they can begin to heal and recover from addiction. To celebrate this partnership, Herren Project Executive Director, Kevin Mikolazyk and Vice President of Commodore Builders, Lisa Ulbrich flipped the switch together to shine a positive, purple light into the night sky.

Herren Project raising awareness on the disease of addiction at 31 Nights of Light 2019 Boston

Herren Project staff, board president Ryan Connolly and his family, many ambassadors and community members attended the event to show their support. Several Commodore Builder employees were also in attendance.


“The night at the Prudential Center was a special event for the Herren Project in that it was symbolic of the light and hope that our work provides.  As we turn the page into 2020, we recommit to our mission in service to those individuals and families in need.” – Ryan Connolly, Herren Project Board President

Kevin Mikolazyk and Ryan Connolly at 31 Nights of Light

“It was an incredible night in Boston as we got to “flip the switch” and light up the Prudential Tower purple. My family, teammates, members of The Herren Project and members of Commodore Builders beamed with pride as we witnessed our organization being recognized in such a positive and powerful way. We also celebrated our new partnership with Commodore Builders. Joe Albanese, CEO and founder,  gave a profound speech about his mission to combat addiction by providing services and support starting with his own employees and their families. He shared his passion for promoting wellness and recovery in the construction industry and together we are going to do great things!” – Marissa Lopes

“My favorite part of ‘Flipping the Switch” with Herren Project at the Prudential Center’s 31 Nights of Light was seeing how it lit up the faces of all who were there, as we all shed a positive light on addiction & recovery. There was a palpable spirit of hope and community, and there’s nothing better than that, these days, or any day.”Pam Rickard, Herren Project Director of Active Engagement

“Being with Herren Project for 31 Nights of Light, representing recovery was another special opportunity for my kids and me. It was ultimately the separation from my children and my own inability to show up as a father that brought me to true bottom in addiction. Going through the holiday season in 2016 without my kids was finally more pain then I could continue to bare. I needed a change. Thankfully this is my third holiday season sober, active in recovery, and active as a full time father. It was special to take the trip down to Boston from Western MA with my kids and experience the lighting of the Prudential building in purple, representing the hope of recovery. We’re thankful to be whatever small part of the amazing work that Herren Project does to spread the truth that there is absolutely hope! Thank you!” – Patrick Shaughnessy

City Hall

Herren Project would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mayor Marty Walsh and the City of Boston for participating in the light up event. Along with the Prudential Center, City Hall was also lit purple, to show solidarity and support in Herren Project’s fight against the disease of addiction. Mayor Walsh shared, “As a city, we are committed to offering access to treatment and recovery services for individuals with substance use disorder. Tonight, we light City Hall purple to support the Herren Project, a non-profit dedicated to shedding a positive light on this disease.”

Thank you to everyone who came to share this special honor and for the support continually shown throughout the year.