Herren Project Rocks

School-Based Clubs Launch Partnership with Rock to Recovery

(Tiverton, RI, October 25, 2021) Herren Project, a nonprofit organization committed to prevention and recovery from drugs and alcohol, announced today that it is piloting a collaborative program with California-based nonprofit organization Rock to Recovery.

Both organizations have well-aligned missions and core values. Herren Project seeks to support, inspire and empower those affected by substance use disorder. Through its Herren Project Clubs in 224 schools around the country, it leverages the inspirational messaging of its founder, Chris Herren, who provides motivational speaking on the national circuit through Herren Talks.

Rock to Recovery aims to heal and transform lives through the powerful experience of writing, playing, and performing music as a group. Founder Wes Geer, the former touring guitarist for the band Korn, stated: “It became my dream to create a music program that could help all those in need.”

The collaboration between Herren Project and Rock to Recovery will occur in a select set of seven schools as a pilot program. The list of schools participating in the project includes South High and Rockdale Recovery in Worcester, MA, Portsmouth/BG4N from Portsmouth, RI, John Holmes from Edenton, NC, Tigard High from Tigard, OR, Dayton High from Dayton, TX, and Highland Park High from Rowlett, TX. Both Herren Project and Rock to Recovery aim to maximize their impact through collaboration.

Herren Project prevention coordinator Jillian Moriarty noted, “To use a music metaphor, together we can amplify our efforts. Herren Project Clubs collaborate, innovate, and incubate new ideas. We want to attract kids with programming that is relevant to their interests. We are more than a little purple box of evidence-inspired social and emotional learning activities. We are opening access to a whole new world of possibilities.”

Moriarty added: “Peer support is key and a distinguishing feature of our program. Chris Herren brings the message Be You, and we seek to inspire everyone to tell their stories. Rock to Recovery provides a perfect vehicle for creative self-expression and peer bonding. When people come together to make music, it is a beautiful thing. Sports, music, art — all have the power to inspire and bring people together. That is what Herren Project Clubs is all about.”

“As Rock to Recovery has evolved, we’ve been fortunate to help many different sociodemographic groups. We’ve long held a vision of getting into high schools to work with younger populations. Young people get so much from music, emotionally and neurologically. Partnering with Herren Project is truly a dream come true! We are grateful to get to activate our youth in healthy expression via the magic of playing music and singing,” stated Wes Geer, Founder/CEO of Rock to Recovery.

Herren Project Executive Director Bonnie Sawyer stated: “Herren Project Clubs are increasingly becoming a delivery vehicle for program content that seeks to engage peers in innovative ways. As a national organization, we have an eye on innovative programs to help bring to local communities. We are all excited about this partnership.”

About Herren Project

Herren Project is a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment, recovery and prevention of substance use disorder. Services include treatment placement assistance, long-term recovery support for individuals and families, online support groups, prevention and wellness initiatives, as well as scholarships for treatment programs, recovery housing and recovery coaching. Herren Project was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player, Chris Herren, who has been in long-term recovery since August 1, 2008.

About Rock to Recovery

Rock to Recovery® – an innovative, therapeutic music program serving more than one hundred addiction treatment and mental health facilities in the USA – offers non-musicians help and hope, by writing, playing, and recording music as a group. Participants are able to build a community of support, find enthusiasm for treatment, and realize that recovery is possible by playing music together. Youth, veterans, trauma survivors, and those struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues can recover with connection. Music is the medicine!